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Can I sue my financial advisor for bad advice that cost me a big loss?

Four years ago during the financial crisis, I spoke in depth with my financial advisor about my concerns regarding the constant downward spiral of the market. I expressed my need for his advice as to whether or not I should pull out in order to save what little I had left and he adivsed me to hang in there because the market would be on the upswing soon. The result was a huge loss and he ultimately left the organization with whom he was affiliated.

Diploma in Banking and Financial Services vs Information Security?

Hi,so I just got my O level results,and I am down to these two courses as my choice.Can anyone tell me the pros and cons of each of these expertise?i’m interested in both,but what would be a more stable job in which i can steadily earn a good amount of money?Thanks guys

I’m going to Nanyang Polytechnic by the way.I hope not only singaporeans but people from other countries can help me out as well with my choice. More information on high risk merchant processing can be found at this website.

Financial Services
Wealth Management

Where can I find a good financial advisor?

Can somebody provide me a link to a financial advisor who will help me invest 30,000$? I am a beneficiary in a will. I have about 8,000 in loans and I will have about 40,000 in college debt when I graduate. I don’t know if I should pay back my loans, invest, or put it in savings. I want to be wealthy someday and this $30,000 can go a long way, or it can collect dust safely in a savings account.

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Is there any on-line bank services we can trust?And we can do banking without going to the bank?

Financial Services
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Is becoming a financial advisor a good way?

I got an offer to become a financial advisor for a well-known nationwide company, and I don’t have any clues on what to do in this field. Does anyone have a good advice on what should I do. I am not a finance type of guy, so a good advice will truly help me chosing the right path?

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